Massage for erectile function improvement

By stretching and careful massage of your penis everyday, for only 15 to 20 minutes a day, you will quickly begin to realize growth development in the size of the penis.

Massaging the penis has nothing to do with masturbation. It is considered an exercise routine and will be part of your day-to-day regime and the goal will be to have a larger unit

Let’s begin by talking about the workout itself and start you down the road to a greater penis.

The Daily Routine

Proper grip and great lubricants are essential. These exercises are to be sustained five days a week, for 15 to 20 minutes daily, to be successful. There are steps and grip positions that should be adopted in order to get the most bang out of your buck and time and the eventual larger penis goal. Check out our pe bible review to increase penis size.

The exercises you’re about to undertake is a variance of the popular ‘Jelqing’ penile workout procedure. Because each man is unique and every man’s penis is individual and different to that man’s physique, so will the penis exercise demonstrated here.

Here’s a little experiment you can try, that’ll give you an idea of the kind of penis size you should be able to achieve.

You will need two pieces of A4 paper, a pair of scissors, Sticky tape or paper paste, a ruler and some string or tailors measuring tape.
Whilst the penis is erect measure from the side of the penis. This is the regular method used to measure the average penis size. Hold your penis below the head and put the ruler next to it with your other hand. The ruler should be slightly pressing against your pubic bone. Measure as correct as you can without the need over amplify
Next use a cloth tape to measure your erect girth.
When you have the two measurements, cut the paper to these attributes, fold it into a tube and secure with tape. This is your actual penis size.
Now add two inches to length and an inch to girth and cut the second paper. Roll and tape – now you have an example of your bigger penis, a few weeks from now!

Lubricant Is Very Important during the Daily Penis Exercises

In order for an exercise on the penis to be beneficial, particularly in something as important and complex as penis enlargement, it must first be comfortable and non-abrasive.

Since there are literally hundreds of fine and very high-quality lubricants on the market today. Grapeseed Oil is cheap and has excellent usage qualities. The principle here is that it is a non-irritating lubricant that can be heated up and then easily removed.

Preparing the Penis

The only ingredient that should be retrieved when working the penis, is to sustain your penis only partially hard. If you feel a full erection developing or ejaculation coming on, pause until the urge settles. Also there is no need to make contact with the head area, this region will be swollen with blood during the procedure. This is completely natural.

The techniques involved first warming up the penis with a warm towel so that blood can start to flow to the penis head.

Once your penis is in the proper erect state and lubricated place your forefinger and thumb around the base of your penis and with firm pressure drive along to beneath the penis head and release and duplicate with alternating hands in a smooth rhythmic movement, reaching upon every part of the penis except the the penis head. Each pass should be around 3 seconds

Do 200-300 strokes everyday at medium strength for the first week.
Do 300-500 strokes everyday at medium-full strength for the next week.
Do 500 or more strokes a day from then on, and as strong as you can make them.

Remember, you should not feel any irritation while operating this technique. Use plenty of lubricant to avoid any annoyance of the skin.

It’s also essential to mention that whatever gains you realize utilizing these techniques are lasting, your penis will not reduce back once you stop the routine